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happy birthday slingz!!!
Chocolate Chips!
If you need help with your loot list you may want to check out [link] Looks legit for a starting off point.
Make sure to check out the crafted trinkets they buffed them today

Agents of Change is a stable, no drama, adult guild in its Seventh year of raiding together.  We are always looking for solid, talented players who wish to be part of a friendship based raiding group with a serious progression oriented attitude.

We are serious players with a casual yet committed attitude. Agents members are an eclectic mix of ages, pasts, futures, educations, careers, philosophies, and locations. The greater majority of our members have been with us for years. We are not a high turnover guild, in leadership or in membership. Our leadership core has been consistent since the guild began raiding and our members leave the guild very rarely, mostly due to life changes. We go out of our way to make new members feel at home, appreciated, and a contributing factor in the guild (after a very brief, but at times hazardous, some might say even dangerous, hazing period.)

Agents of Change raids on average 50 weeks out of the year with two raid groups. The main progression group runs Tue/Wed/Thu  from 7:00-10:30 server  (on a rare occasion an off night raid will  be thrown in if a major new boss kill is imminent) and our alt group runs Monday from 700-1030. Our alt group consists of main raider alts and other guildies whose schedule keeps them from raiding with the progression group.

If you are looking for a group that values friendship above loot, apply here and talk to Tango, Lacei, Slingzlight, Kyleena, Selindis, Darie, Shamner or Nauticus in game.

MYTHIC Xhul'horac - 05/19/16
Bull, Nauticas, Aavel, Kyleena, Xylin, Azull, Crepe, Liquidhammer, Brokenarrow, Moineau, Tango, Zviolet, Kgor, Shamner, Selindis, Aerox, Trya, Madamchiara, Synergiy, Zykova

MYTHIC TYRANT - 03/16/16
Sisterdeath, Crackerjack, Selindis, Trya, Kyleena, Bull, Gzusislife, Kgor, Zykova, Tinytoy, Lacei, Aerox, Brokenarrow, Crepe, Jadefrost, Madamchiara, Moineau, Shamner and Shammyspice

MYTHIC Fel Lord Zakuun - 02/17/16
Bull, Gzislife, Tango, Tinytoy, Kyleena, Sisterdeath, Jadefrost, Moineau, Selindis, Xylin, Lacei, Aerox, Crepe, Flexdruid, Kgor, Madamchiara, Shamner, Trya, Zykova and Shammyspice

MYTHIC Shadow Lord Iskar - 02/08/16
Lacei, Bull, Sisterdeath, Marybopins, Kyleena, Darie, Gzusislife, Tinytoy, Trya, Xylin, Crackerjack, Crepe, Erasernips, Madamchiara, Shamner, Aerox, Flexdruid, Kgor, Moineau and Shammyspice

Special thanks to Motorboat for inspiration and his undying enthusiasm. 

MYTHIC Socrethar the Eternal - 02/03/16

Bull, Tinytoy, Trya, Zykova, Kyleena, Marybopins, Aerox, Gzusislife, Selindis, Xylin, Lacei, Crackerjack, Crepe, Moineau, Shamner, Erasernips, Flexdruid, Kgor, Madamchiara and Shammyspice

Kyleena a This one's for Motorboat!!
Reminder of event MYTHIC Hellfire Citadel on 2016-05-25 07:00:00 pm
20 Hellfire Citadel Raid (Mythic)
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